Reorganization and redevelopment consultancy for interior spaces for residential, commercial and private buildings.​ I provide space layout, color scheme, furniture selections and design. Projects presentations will be created to satisfy customer's request.​ Presentations normally include plans, mood & concept boars, furniture & materials selections and 3d views.​ Graphic images elaboration (renders) can also be provided.​


Furniture design development for specific ambient and customer request.​ Projects will be handled from initial ideas selection and evolution to a full final detail production drawings.​ The entire process will be collected in a presentation and technical drawings will be delivered once the final design will be approved.​


Creativity is one of my natural skill and it can be applied to create unique and project specific.​ These can be diversified from artwork, painting, object, sculpture, logos and graphics. Design creation and development will be carried on step by step together with the client.​

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