Alessandro Sabini


I am a dynamic Italian Interior Designer with a well-rounded education, holding a BSc degree.

Following my graduation from Griffith College Dublin in Ireland, I relocated to London, where I honed and expanded my professional expertise.

Over the past decade, I have been actively involved in prestigious luxury design ventures, spanning residential and hospitality sectors worldwide.

Since 2017, I have made the Netherlands my home place and intend to reside in for the foreseeable future.

Currently, I hold a position as a Senior Interior Engineer at a renowned Royal Yard for Super Yachts.

This role allows me to contribute my skills and knowledge within a recognized industry setting.

My enthusiasm for design extends beyond my professional pursuits, as I am genuinely passionate about all facets of the discipline.

In my leisure time, I eagerly explore avenues to unleash my creativity in various forms.

Feel free to peruse some of my personal projects showcased on this website.

I eagerly anticipate hearing from you and engaging in further discussion.


Step ONE

Design is a dream.

Step TWO

Construction is passion.


Living the design journey.