Who am I?


This simple and basic question is actually one of the most difficult to answer. Nowadays we are constantly exposed and impressed by the excellence. We are driven to be who we are not. Baaahhhh…I am honest!!! I am not the best; I am not even on the podium or in the top ten. I am simply a person who enjoy the design in all its forms. So…to the question, my answer is: ” I am a dreamer “.


What is zii.design?


In this website you will find all sort of my personal design projects. It is a display showcase where I listed by categories all my works. As a creative mind, I love to explore any kind of designs, without having a preconception on stick into a particular filed. Sure! My passion is carpentry works wooden based, but I do love to place myself into diverse challenges. I like to explore any sort of vision ideas that my mind can come up with. Hereby you will find my personal project.

The website name is a form of gratitude to my uncle.
His working experience has been the base of mine.

Zii.design: “From uncle to uncle“.

Where I get inspired?


NATURE is my key influence. Harmony and simplicity are the focal earth characteristics. I am inspired by our surroundings, by nature colors, shapes, shades, forms and perfumes. Thanks to the freedom thoughts that nature transmit me, I am capable to produce unique design art-pieces.

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